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Timothy Ray Brown | Community HIV Cure Symposium

The RID HIV Community Advisory Board presents the Timothy Ray Brown Community Cure Symposium on the latest in HIV cure research, taking place Sunday, October 9 from 3 to 6 pm Pacific time.

The symposium features a tribute to Timothy Ray Brown - the first person cured of HIV - from his partner Tim Hoeffgen, and from friend and RID HIV researcher Nikki Klatt, updates on HIV cure research from RID HIV Collaboratory researchers, and a keynote presentation from "London Patient" Adam Castillejo--the second person cured of HIV.


0:00:00 - Welcome: RID HIV co-chairs Andy Kaytes & Lisa Diane White

0:22:05 - Tributes to Timothy Ray Brown

0:52:03 - RID Collaboratory Research Agenda

1:59:00 - "London Patient" Adam Castillejo & Vicente Planelles


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