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Webinar: The Last Gift - Taking Part in HIV Cure Research at the End of Life

View our webinar from January 16, 2024 where we discuss the Last Gift study with the researchers and long-term survivors of HIV who helped create it.


Most HIV research today is conducted with blood samples. But to cure HIV, we need a better understanding of how the virus hides in all the tissues of the body. We also need to know if the virus circulating in the blood is the same as (or different from) the virus in the heart, lymph nodes, liver, genital tract, or any other tissues throughout the body.

The Last Gift is an end-of-life HIV research study being performed at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), with the goal of understanding the behavior of HIV throughout the human body. Altruistic people living with HIV who are at the end of life are eligible to participate in the Last Gift study. The unique samples they give through participating in the study are invaluable in providing an insight to where the virus hides—so we can find ways to combat it, and hopefully find a cure one day.


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